Servicing tractors on Groundhog Day

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning.   Six more weeks of winter.

Here, he would not have seen his shadow.  It is overcast and gray out there.  Temps will warm into the 40s this week.  Last Sunday’s snow is nearly melted away, and rain is coming Thursday.  But the weekend predictions are for nights near zero!  That will get your attention!

Shop work continues.  John is doing the annual servicing of the JD 9520R tractor.  It now has 1200 hours on it.  The engine oil has been changed.  And every filter on the tractor (14 of ’em) gets replaced.  Hydraulic, fuel, air, cab, etc.  There are 4 hydraulic filters!   Every grease zerk will get the appropriate amount of grease.  The tire inflation will be corrected.  When the 9520 leaves the shop later today, it will be ready for the spring work of anhydrous ammonia application and soon after that, soybean planting.  Our equipment gets really dusty/dirty sitting in the open-front storage shed during the off-season.  The tractor needs a wash to become #Andyclean again, but we won’t do that until closer to the time to use it.

The 9520R tractor gets serviced today.

After installing a new filter, John writes on it the machine’s hours and the date.

When the filters are removed from the tractor, they are placed inverted atop the used oil tote, draining away. Once clear, they can be disposed.

We pour used oil into  the little tote on the left.  That oil gets recycled.   To transfer oil to the machines, John pulls a hose out of the reel, and then clicks on the air-powered pump.  There is a meter at the spout so that he knows how much oil is being placed into the machine.

After the service work, a short test-drive, then back into the shop to inspect for leaks.


(Just recently, I discovered I can now imbed video on this site, and I’m glad I can finally do that. )

The CIH 420 Rowtrac will get its turn in the shop soon.

Next month, we will bring home the NH3 application bar and the soybean drill, and begin to prep them for their spring tasks.  The soybean drill should not need much attention, just regular lubrication and inspection, and tire pressure correction.  It was fully re-built last winter and ran without a hitch during #plant20.

Brandon continues to deliver corn to market.  We are MT of soybeans, but we have many loads of corn to get moved.  Some of that is going south to ADM’s Ohio River market.  Their bids are often good enough to make us go the extra miles to deliver there, about an hour away.

Have a great week.


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