Sugar coating

Friday, January 29, 2021

The trees and bushes were sugar-coated this morning!   I was out early, while the ground was still frozen, to cut some sprouts at two ditch crossing areas at the Lett farm.  The little saplings needed to be trimmed back, so that we could move the combines from one field to the next without removing the headers.  Now, those two places are wide enough to move across easily.  The bonus this morning was the beautiful frosty coating on every branch.  The clear blue and sunny skies will melt away that sugar pretty quick!

The moon seemed extra-big as it was going down in the west. The picture just doesn’t capture how big and beautiful it was.


The temperature was 13ºF (-11C) this morning.  There was no wind, so it was okay to be out.

This glorious sunrise will soon take away the sugar coating on the trees

Using the Gator again this morning allowed me to drive to Lett and back in warm comfort.  I could take occasional short breaks from the chainsaw work to get back in the Gator to warm back up.  I think I’m really liking this JD XUV 835R Gator!

The warm cab of the Gator allows me to do these little jobs out in the cold mornings.

Rain is predicted for the weekend.  We will say goodbye to our white countryside.  It was nice while it lasted.  I like the snow, but it is always messy and muddy when it melts away.  I think I’d prefer the temps to go to 20F and stay there until March!

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