The shop is busy.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

The weather outside is pretty nice… 53ºF (12C) … sunny with no wind.  That makes for a beautiful January day in SWIN.  The temperature has been dipping below freezing each night, but the daytime sunshine warms everything back up.  Brandon used one such day this week to wash the winter road grime off the Vision semi truck.  He was able to do that outside on the regular wash pad, using the pressure washer.  It cleaned up well!

The Vision shines like new after Brandon washed it.

John brought in his pickup this morning to give it a wash, too.

A fresh wash job…

I’ll confess… I took my pickup to town and ran it through the car wash there.

This afternoon, the shop is occupied with the KW.  Brandon and John are cleaning out the evaporator in the cab, and doing some work on air lines to the transmission.  There are a few small details yet to repair on the KW, but when Brandon has it out on the road, he’s really a happy trucker!

The KW gets some attention today.

I have been using short spurts of time this week going to the Huey farm to cut down sprouts in the main ditch down there.  It doesn’t take long for me to wear down crawling up and down the ditch banks, and pulling up the cut-off branches up to the top.  So, I go at it a small bite at a time.  It is really pleasant to take the new Gator on these trips.  The cab keeps you nice and warm.  I can just drive into the field and along the ditch when I get there.  It’s more handy than using the pickup, and it leaves the pickup home to stay clean. When I get this ditch job caught up, I’ll have to wash the Gator!

The Gator makes this task more convenient PLUS I can get warm again between times when I’m out cutting.

I have also performed an update to the GS4 screen in the combine.  This was the last of our 4 JD systems (2 tractors, the sprayer, and the combine) to get the update.   It is not a hard task, and it can be completed ‘over the air’ using the 4G “modular telematics gateway” (MTG) that is in the roof of the cab.  That system is called “JD Connect”, and it allows two-way communication from the combine to the JD Operations Center database.  That database can be accessed from the office computer or an app on your phone.  When we are harvesting in the field, John is here at the farm running the dryer and managing the loading of the storage bins.  He uses the Connect system to “look in” on the progress of the field work, and get a feel for the quality and moisture level of the grain he will be receiving.

The corn and soybean deliveries to the Ohio River at Newburgh, Indiana are complete for January, but some corn will be going to GPC at Washington tomorrow and next week.  Bill has been very diligent to make those trips to Newburgh.  He seems to like the departures in the dark of early mornings!

The Pete is headed to GPC today

Enjoy this beautiful day.



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