A little snow

Saturday, January 16, 2021

We awoke this morning to a little snow on the ground.  It will warm a bit today, and the snow will be gone.  But we will enjoy it while it lasts.  It looked like everything had a little sugar coating… beautiful.

View from the office late this morning. The snow is melting.

The back yard early this morning.

A little more snow floated down late today.


Pat and I just returned from some days at Disney World.  It was a delightful time there, but a couple of the days were cool, and we needed a jacket to be out and about.  Even so, we had a wonderful time.  We experienced a couple new restaurants, and took in our favorite rides and attractions.  I think I put a few pounds back on with those great meals!

Yeah, we HAD to wear masks, but we enjoyed our time anyway.

In the Star Wars land, we encountered some strange creatures

At Epcot’s America Gardens Theater, we were treated to a few Disney tunes by the group The Voices of Liberty.  Great harmonies.  This group usually sings patriotic tunes inside the American Adventure pavilion, but this winter, they have moved out to the nearby theater.

We competed in the 3-D shooting games at Toy Story Mania.  I won, but not by much!

Lumiere greeted us in France at Epcot.

The Epcot Festival of the Arts was occurring, and we sampled tasty snacks from around the world.  My favorite was the ratatouille from France. Pat liked the ‘bombolino’ at Italy.

The ratatouille

The bombolino was like mini creme-filled doughnuts with powered sugar and raspberry drizzle over the top

While we were away, John completed the oil storage upgrade in our shop.  Instead of 3 overhead barrels, we now have totes of oil, with pumps and meters.  This will speed our oil changes.  It takes up less shop space, and will be easier to keep clean, too.

A tote for used oil, and totes for engine and hydraulic oil. A nice improvement.

The January grain contracts are now filled, and we are MT (empty) of soybeans.  There are many truck loads of corn yet to deliver, and that will occur over the next few months.  We are encouraged with the increasing commodity prices.  Recent sales of corn and soybeans are improving our average selling prices!

We have most of the software updates performed in our John Deere information systems.  The Starfire 6000 receivers received updates.  Still to update are the Gen 4 screen in the S780 combine, and the 4640 screen in the  9360R tractor.   Probably next week, we will do those, too.  Once we receive the sizes of the 2021 soybean seed, we can begin the writing of planting prescriptions!

As we move into 2021, we are looking forward to another planting season, which will be here soon.  The calendar pages flip over pretty fast.




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