Refurbishment continues

Friday, January 8, 2021

Work continues in the shop, as we discover a few more little things to tweak or repair on the new (to us) KW truck.  Brandon has been very diligent to give attention to what it takes to make this truck road-ready.   It won’t be long now.  Perhaps, even this afternoon, he will be able to make his first delivery to GPC with this new rig.

He is repairing an air leak, and this one is not hard to fix, just hard to get access to it!

We are applying some stone to the driveway.  The guys from Rogers Group at Mitchell, IN are delivering a few loads.  Their tri-axle delivery trucks can do a fairly nice job spreading the stone.  A  couple loads will be spread on the driveway in its worst stretches, another will be dumped into a pile to be metered out more precisely using the bucket of the backhoe.   We just can’t go through this winter without this refresh to the rocks on the lane.

A 20-ton pile of rocks is not as big as you might think and it never goes as far as you’d like.

Ross uses this “Reveal” tool to condition the soil in his riding arena. It also is handy for grading the new stone on the driveway.

This section of the lane sorely needed this application of stone.

There was a water temperature sensor on the new JD Gator that required replacement–it was broken off, stuck in the head of the engine.   Alliance ordered the part, and sent a mechanic out today to perform the service.

Devin inspects the spot where he replaced that temperature sensor.

Bill has been very busy this week delivering both soybeans and corn to ADM at Newburgh, Indiana.  The hard part about January deliveries there is the waiting in line.  It is not as efficient for the customer as the ‘appointment’ method used at nearby GPC.  But he has made 2 trips most days.  Thanks, Bill.

Loading the Pete with corn for Bill for another trip south to ADM Newburgh

Have a safe and pleasant weekend.

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