#harvest2020 is done… yes, it really is this time!

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

It’s a beautiful day outside.  Clear blue skies.  And the temperature hit 72ºF (22C) this afternoon.

It was equally beautiful yesterday as we finished off the harvest of double-crop soybeans to complete our fall harvest.  Over 2 weeks ago, (see post for October 19) as we were harvesting at the Harry farm, we had to cut around the 19 WASCoBs because in their basins, the soybeans had too high a moisture content.  But in the ensuing days, we’ve had big rains, some frost, and now a few beautiful days.  The heavy rain caused short-term ponding in the WASCoBs (as it is supposed to do), the frost knocked off any leaves from the soybeans, and the warm and dry days allowed them to dry down to harvest moisture content.  The beans I cut yesterday were about 11.5%.  Target moisture level is 13%.

It is a very good feeling to have the fall harvest completely behind us!

During the recent heavy rain event, these soybeans in this WASCoB were under water for a few hours. But they are dry today.  See the yellow riser where the water that was collected by the WASCoB drained away?

At day’s end, we load the header on the wagon, and move back home.

Also starting yesterday was a renewed effort by our local Nutrien plant to apply the nutrients for the 2021 corn and soybean crops.  Each field has a map created showing how the N, P, K, (mostly P & K) and micronutrients are to be applied.  The application machines are set up to vary the rates of the fertilizer components to apply just what is recommended as the map shows in a site-specific manner.   It is a more precise application than a uniform, blanket rate applied across the field.

Nutrien uses a specialized tender truck to load the fertilizer spreader

Nutrien applies soybean food for the ’21 crop

We will enjoy these beautiful days… they are supposed to last into early next week.  Surely by then these fertility applications will be completed.   The task of cleaning the combines and tractors and trucks will be more pleasant during these 70+ degree days!

Now that November is here, we are sending several loads of soybeans out to ADM on the Ohio River to fill contracts.  There will be some loads of corn to GPC also.  We’re keeping that grain moving!

Loading our Peterbilt with soybeans headed for the river market. The beans sure look nice in the truck. Very good quality this year.

We are also meeting with representatives of our preferred seed companies, and those decisions are nearly complete.  Those expenses will be incurred this month.  It’s like a constant cycle of preparation and execution of the plans.

We are grateful for the very good yields of corn and soybeans, and the nearly-ideal weather to bring this crop in.   Add to that, commodity prices have risen during the harvest, making for a more optimistic outlook.  Yes, as we enter the Thanksgiving season, we have many reasons to do just that.   1Thessalonians 5:18.

Hope your day is as beautiful as it is in SWIN today.

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