Beautiful Fall Day

Friday, November 6, 2020

Not a cloud in the sky.  Warm.  73ºF (22C) Beautiful.  Does it get any better than this day in November?

One wispy cloud… that’s all

Fresh-cut grass and blue skies

We have been sending soybeans to market at ADM in Newburgh, IN to fill contracts.  We have been observing our fertility applications for next year’s corn and soybeans.  It has been a busy week.

Yesterday was a long, 3-hour meeting with the representatives of Bayer to work out a plan for seeds for 2021 corn and soybeans.  The corn will be DeKalb and the soybeans will be Asgrow.

Clean-up on the combines is still to be done, but at least they are inside for storage until Brandon can get them cleaned up.  They won’t get ‘rained on’!

Property taxes are due on Tuesday.  May 1oth and November 10 every year.




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