Will this be the last day of soybean harvest?

Saturday morning, October 3, 2020

The last almost 3 weeks have been great weather for soybean harvest. We have made good progress, with few interruptions for mechanical problems. It has been fun, for sure. We have had good support from the guys who work with us at harvest. Bill and Bob have been very diligent in getting the deliveries made to ADM in Newburgh, Indiana…as well as from the fields to the bins at home. John has managed to facilitate the machines’ service and fueling in the mornings, as well as managing the storage and load-outs from the main farm. Brandon has done quite well with the grain cart (he is the best I’ve ever seen at that) as well as trucking in the early mornings.  Larry has the wheat crop planted, and he has now begun to sow some cover-crop oats.  Ross and I have been blessed to be part of this harvest team, and it has been working pretty smoothly. It has been a great fall, so far. If today is a typical day, we should finish the ‘first crop’ soybeans sometime late today! Of course, there will be more soybeans to cut, once the double-crop beans (DCB) are ripe and ready.

Next week, we will return to harvesting corn. We only spent two short days in corn back when we started #harvest2020. It is our hope that the corn grain has dried down during these soybean harvest days to a moisture content that will not require putting it through the dryer. We will find that out soon. Probably by the time the corn harvest is done, the DCB will be ready for the combines.

Here are some pictures from recent days.

Long rows at the Freddie farm

Sunset on Wednesday

Sunset on Thursday

The full moon still shining early Friday morning

After the last load of the night is unloaded, John blows off the pit grate.

Have a good weekend.

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