Corn again

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Now that the first-crop soybeans are all harvested, yesterday we returned to the corn fields.  We were hoping that the grain would be dry enough so that we could place it directly into storage, but it was a tiny bit too wet for that.  We were getting 17.0 to 18.8 in moisture, and that is a level that is too soggy for direct storage.  So, John fired up the dryer again, but now the corn flows through it much faster than it did back in mid-September.  The quality of the grain is quite good this fall; the DeKalb number we have been harvesting, DKC 64-99, shells off the cob so easily.  I’m running my concave wider and the rotor slower than I have ever done.

Larry has returned, and he is planting strips of cover-crop oats in the valleys on our hilly fields that have been harvested.  When he catches up to the combines, he will turn his attention to doing some bush-hog work around the field edges and around WASCoB pipes to clean up the appearance.

The weather continues its dry period.  That’s wonderful for harvesting, but a good rain would be welcome to get the wheat crop started off properly.  We continue our field work, grateful for good yields and commodity prices that have bumped up recently.  Any farmer is always happy to hear those three little words:  “The market’s up.”

Soil testing is occurring in targeted fields that have been harvested.  Fertility for 2021 crops will begin to be applied today.  Things just keep marching on…

Some recent pictures.

Morning service work, fueling and lubricating the machines

Corn harvest from the seat of the JD S780

My MIL came by for a visit. Even at 82, she’s says the ‘farm girl’ in her never goes away.

Concentrate, operator…

Larry has the wheat all planted and now he is working on cover crop strips

Yes, we do use our lights.

Have a good week, everyone.

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