One rainy day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Well, we got some rain yesterday.  It has been dry for about 8 weeks!  Everything was covered in a coat of dust!  But yesterday, we got some rain.  At .17″ (4mm), it wasn’t much, but the dust is settled…at least for a while.  We did not harvest any soybeans or corn yesterday, even though the rain stopped at about noon.  We used the day to send loads of soybeans south to ADM at Newburgh, Indiana, to fill some contracts.  We brought the combines home from the Steimel farm, and did some repair work on the JD 640FD header.  The bats (the slats that hold the fingers) on the reel were loose as the tips of the star-shaped supports were worn, allowing the bats to wobble.  John replaced what John Deere called ‘bearings’ on each star’s tip–60 in all.  Now, the bats on the reel are snug and smooth.  This header has some years (7) and acres on it, so it is not surprising that some repair is needed.

John replaced the ‘bearings’ and the fingered reel works more smoothly now.

Larry returned to planting wheat today.  He has completed the no-till drill planting experiment, (see post for September 26) and has begun to use our conventional method of wheat planting.  For that, we get Nutrien to apply a blend of granular fertilizer with the wheat seed in it, and then Larry uses an implement called a tandem disk to work it into the soil  This method has been our way to plant wheat for decades.   Another thing was very noticeable this morning as I watched Larry working.  No dust!  For a mere .17″, it may be enough to get that wheat started!

The air-flow spreader truck from the local Nutrien plant applies the blend of the granular fertilizer and the wheat seed. The operator is Gary Kail, who has performed this task for many years.

…after the spreader truck, Larry comes along and works the seed into the soil with a disk.

We will return to soybean harvest this afternoon.

The fun days continue…

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