First soybeans

Thursday, September 17, 2020

We harvested corn for two days, finding it wetter than we’d like.  It was 24-25% average, but some got as low as 22%.  But after those two days, we found some soybeans that would cut.  No, they did not look quite dry, and they certainly were not uniformly mature.  But we worked Wednesday and today to harvest the earliest-planted soybeans.  Those were Asgrow variety 33X0, planted April 16.  We are now through the 3.3 maturity group, and the 3.4’s look a bit too green yet.  Perhaps we will begin again on Monday.  We decided to allow the ‘solar dryer’ to work its magic for a few more days, especially for the corn.

This was as we stopped yesterday afternoon. The lower parts of the field were just not quite ready for the combines.

Here is the view as I follow Ross along the railroad and Hwy 50 at the Cox farm.

A nice load of beans from the Ross farm, ready to go to market.

We may or may not be able to continue cutting soybeans on Friday.  We will look them over again tomorrow morning.

Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Don & Ginny Patton says:

    Hi Dennis,
    So glad to hear that harvesting of 2020 crop is under way. I hope you have a bountiful crop harvest and the weather stays nice till you complete your harvest 2020.
    Your friends,
    Don 7 Ginny Patton

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