Not one, but two.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

On Monday, the 21st, we had two special visitors to Carnahan & Sons.  Film crews and photographers!

First, was Kevin and Meghan Bryan from Visual Poet Studios (VPS) in Louisville, Kentucky.  They were here with Jeff (from Kansas), an engineer from the Camso track company.  Their purpose was to generate some video and other images that Camso will utilize for promotional purposes.   It just so happens that our new Demco 1322 grain cart utilizes the Camso track carriage system, and Demco directed the track people to contact us.   They contacted John weeks ago to see if we would cooperate with their media crew.  John worked with the media people most of the day, assisting them in their work, among all the other tasks that he performed that day.  We had to detach the headers to move 3 times, so that added to John’s list of activities!

There were 3 individuals here from VPS.  Kevin, the Director, ran the cameras and drone.  He was assisted by Meghan, who controlled the camera on the drone from the comfort of the pickup.  There was also another guy here, Brad, that was Kevin’s go-to for other support.  It was interesting as we would often look up to see their drone hovering about as we harvested soybeans and unloaded on-the-go all day.  They also set up tripods and worked with hand-held cameras.

The second visitor arrived on Monday afternoon.  It was Geoff Johnson, a professional photographer from Omaha.  He has been here 2-3 times before.  His first assignment here was doing video and photography work for the Propane Council.  He has returned other times to take photographs of the farm.  This time, his purpose was to capture images of us working, and of the people here.  He is putting together what I would call a ‘coffee table’ picture book, of farmers across the USA.  Geoff captured many video and still images of us and our work on Monday

At one point, Monday evening, I caught sight of the two media crews stationed kind of together… that’s VPS on the left, and Geoff Johnson on the right. Geoff got a ‘higher perspective’ for his shots!

Both of these professionals stayed through the day, leaving after dark.  Kevin was headed home to Louisville.  VPS had a flight early on Tuesday to Connecticut for a photo shoot about a special building.  Geoff headed off with St. Louis as his goal for the night, with a return to Omaha on Tuesday.

It was an interesting day.  Kevin remarked at the close of the day that the sky was spectacular to photograph on Monday.  He also said that the video they captured was excellent in terms of the lighting, angles, and dust cloud around the equipment.  I hope we get a sample of their work that they did here on Monday.


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  1. Renee Klein says:

    Wow, what an exciting day. Let us know when the book gets published. All family members should have a copy! So proud of the traditions and the progress you are sharing with your farm and the techniques used. Your Dad must be smiling!!

  2. casifarm says:

    Thanks, Renee. It was quite interesting…

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