First day.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Today, we began #harvest2020

We started in some corn here at the home farm.  It took me a while to get the JD S780 “dialed in”, but after that, we had no trouble.  There were adjustments to make for sure, but no breakdowns!  I had to call my JD Greenstar guy to get the RowSense (automatic guidance) set up and going.  Over the phone, he guided me through the proper GS4 pages in order to click “on” the system.

The CIH 8250 and the JD S780 worked pretty well today.   We utilized an iPad in each combine, connected to the Fieldview documentation system.  That worked well.  Fieldview seamlessly flows together the harvest information from the two different-colored combines.  It facilitates a thorough yield analysis.  We picked about 18 loads of corn, and caught up to the dryer.  We stopped for the day.

Brandon is out with the bush hog trimming around the 2 fields where we harvested today.  That bush hog work always makes the fields look nicer going into and through the winter.

The GSI 2326 is humming along nicely.

Scenes from today:

Moisture level ran 23-27%, with yields above our recent average.

All in all, a pretty nice ‘first day’.

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