Another week of preparation.

Monday, August 10, 2020

This week, the guys will continue their tasks of preparing the machines and trucks and grain system for fall harvest.  The combines are ready.  The red headers are being worked on today.  A couple trucks remain to be serviced.  The grain dryer needs an inspection and lubrication, as well as the grain elevators.  The bins will be inspected and the augers and conveyors serviced.   That doesn’t seem like a long list, but it involves several days’ work!  Here is a review of some of last week’s activities.

We had the 640FD header on the combine, to remove lock-up bolts that were installed for wheat harvest.

We checked the folding and header height mechanisms on the 712FC corn head.

Each row unit gearbox was checked for proper oil level.  

While the corn head runs, Brandon applies chain lube to the gathering chains.

We also had a day visit with our banker.  He came to the farm, and we toured the fields to check on the progress.  It is helpful for him to actually ‘see’ the farm locations and look them over.  In that way, he says, he can better identify in his mind when we discuss any particular farm location.  It was a pleasant time; we definitely view our banker as our ‘partner’, and we try to keep him informed as to what is happening.  And he treated us to lunch that day!

Banker Steve Blinn observes a soybean field with John.

Last Friday, we had an opportunity to visit directly with our Pioneer seed representatives.  They took us to a nearby research and experimental exhibit for a private, personal tour.  We spent the morning reviewing Pioneer’s soybean seed offerings for 2021.  We saw experiments with various planting depths, seed spacing, and herbicide treatments.  They also had a live, growing display of historical corn varieties, which we found quite interesting.  We have not been using Pioneer seeds for a few years now, but they offer an alternative in herbicide traits that Bayer (Asgrow brand) currently does not.  We are investigating options for 2021.

Pioneer Agronomist Dan Emmert explains the particulars of these “Enlist” soybean traits

Dan explains the characteristics of this variety of soybeans.

Planted in this ‘wheel’ of corn spacing test, is this very old historical “Reids Yellow Dent”.  Dad spoke of this corn that was widely used when he was a young farmer. (1930s and 40s)

This is the variety that saved our bacon years ago, when it survived the devastating southern corn leaf blight of 1970.

The preparation for fall harvest continues today… and will for most days this week.  Five weeks or so we will likely be in the thick of harvest activity.

Brandon has the CIH corn head in the shop this morning.

Our local school starts tomorrow.  We are praying for a good and safe start to school, and for a year of education without interruption.



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