Excess water, and some repairs

Friday, May 22, 2020

Last Sunday night’s rain and subsequent rainy, drizzly days have put field work to a stop.  John is eager to begin the post-emerge applications of soybean and corn herbicide, but the fields are just too soft to allow him to be out there.  And the heavy rain has created some need for replanting.   On Monday morning, we were a bit alarmed with the White River forecast of 21.5 feet, and flooding in every creek-bottom field.  But, as the week wore on, the White River crest was lowered to 19.5 feet, and the damage will not be nearly as severe.  By comparison, on Monday our estimate for replanting soybeans was approximately 750 acres.   By doing our best windshield drive-by review yesterday, I have lowered our estimate of replanting to about 200 acres.  Of course, we are days away from any of that happening, and the weather forecast is for a rainy week beginning Sunday.  Now, we are expecting that the replant will occur after June arrives.  We are already in process with our seed dealer and our crop insurance adjuster to be ready for replanting when the fields will allow it.

Today’s river report at Edwardsport, Indiana. The flow of White River past our farms near US 50 is about a day behind Edwardsport.

This was our Grubb field on Thursday morning. About 3/4 of the field is under flood waters from White River.

In the meantime, the guys from Montgomery Welding are here, making repairs to our 22-year-old Honeyville grain elevator leg.  (It does not feel like it should be that old already) They have removed the head-pulley, and gearbox.  There are new, heavy-duty bearings going on up there, along with the pulley itself having new ‘grip’ tread applied.  The 25hp electric motor is coming down, too, for new bearings.   Finally the long belting and buckets are being replaced.  Soon, it’ll be ‘like new’ once again.

Jake Gingerich works at the top of our Honeyville leg to reinstall the head pulley and gearbox

The head pulley and gearbox before it is lifted into place and reinstalled. See that new bearing between the gearbox and the head pulley?  It’s a heavy-duty component! And of course, there’s another one on the other side…

Here is the new internal belting and buckets. This is what lifts grain to the top.  The old belting was getting frayed and worn.  The new yellow buckets seem to have greater capacity, too.

Brandon has also been spending some time polishing up the Peterbilt semi truck and its Wilson hopper-bottom trailer.

Brandon works on the aluminum wheels of the Wilson Trailer.

As each day goes by, the urgency of getting post-emerge herbicides applied increases.  And, of course, we need to get the replanting accomplished ASAP.  The field conditions will tell us when we can do any of that.

At least the clouds are not blocking the sunshine today!


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