Rainy morning, sunny afternoon.

Friday, May 29, 2020

The morning brought us another .2″ rain today, but the afternoon is quite nice– a sunny 75ºF (24c).   This has been a pattern for most of the week, with periods of rain, and then some dry hours.  This has made putting on herbicide for soybeans and corn a difficult task.   The wind speed and direction have also been limiting factors.  Rare are the hours to find the right conditions with the proper wind direction and speed, plants with mostly dry leaves, and soil not too muddy.  It has stifled the ability to get the first post-emerge herbicide application put down.   Reviewing the weather forecast, John is planning on a big weekend of spraying.

Friday morning rain…

…followed by Friday afternoon sun!

I was able to do a little bit of the replanting of soybeans early in the week.  About 80 acres of that is now behind us, and so far, looks okay.  Still waiting for the flood waters of White River to recede and the soils to dry in order to complete the #replant20.

We also mowed a few roadsides, and hand-sprayed some ditch banks from the seat of the Gator.  These are normally tasks that get touched in early June, but the weather has allowed a bit of an early start.

The immediate concern is getting the first post-emerge herbicide application made.

Looming on the horizon is wheat harvest, out there at approximately 15th to the 20th of June.  In just the last couple days, you can begin to perceive the wheat beginning to turn from green to gold.

Have a good weekend.

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