Sunday Night Special

Monday, May 18, 2020

Overnight, we received a pretty big rain, about 2.8″ (71mm).  And the bulk of that arrived in about 40 minutes just at dusk Sunday night. gave us a report of possible hail damage on 16 fields, so I went out to check that this morning.  I found no hail damage, but there is water standing in all the usual places.  There will be some replant for sure, I’m just not sure how much.  A quick estimate of soybean acres added up to about 350 acres.  Corn should be about 100 acres or so.  Those numbers don’t include possible flooding from a predicted 21.5-foot White River crest, coming by Thursday.

The WASCoBs are draining; those that are not empty already will be empty by dark tonight.  It’ll take several days of sunshine to allow the soils to dry enough for the replanting.   Today, the old hilly fields of SWIN look a bit better than the flat ones in the creek bottoms or river bottoms!

Kessinger Ditch is running full this morning.

Scenes from our Burke farm location. Yes, there will be replanting needed here.

Not every field is bad this morning.   Some fields look pretty good after this heavy rain event.

This old hill field at the Ross farm is wet this morning, but it doesn’t have any water standing on it!

After the frost, this corn looked a pretty anemic yellow. Now with the recent couple days’ warmth, it is gaining a good, deep green color.

When you consider that we missed the damage from the frost on May 8-9, it makes this localized flooding seem less severe.  Another day to count your blessings…



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