Patiently waiting

Monday, April 27, 2020

Field operations are still stopped.  Since the 1.3″ rain on Thursday, we received another inch over the weekend.  That has us waiting for fields to dry sufficiently to return to spraying and planting soybeans.  Ross did get the corn planting wrapped up before the rainy period… but we delay the clean-up of the corn planter until we know about the necessity of any re-plant.

John has been wrestling with the Fieldview maps.  He could not load the corn planting information directly from the CIH Pro 700, but he was able to get it into JD Operations Center (OpCtr).  From there, he is attempting to enter it into Fieldview.   He has been on the phone with support for long periods of time.  He has been successful for most of the fields.  If it is possible, John will get it done.

This is a Fieldview map of a 2-level population trial in this corn field.

Field operations information from the JD soybean planter transfers automatically over-the-air from the tractor to the cloud-based JD OpCtr.  Whenever I move the tractor and air drill to a new field and enter that location in the Gen4 screen, the previous field’s information is sent.  That information is almost immediately available from your phone or desktop OpCtr app.  The JD Link technology also allows remote monitoring of a machine during a field operation in real-time, as it is occurring.

This is a screen capture of my iPhone showing OpCtr –a population report of variable-rate planting of this soybean field

Brandon did the hard task to grease the openers on the JD 1890 NT drill.  They require service every 50 hours, and it was due.  It took him 3-4 tubes of grease and lots of time to crawl over and around the drill.  One fitting in particular requires him to move the depth control setting, apply the grease, then return the handle to its setting.  It is a lot of work!  So thankful for young farmers here… for many reasons.

So, there is always something to occupy our time, even when we cannot get into the fields.

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