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Thursday, April 23, 2020

There is rain today, .90″ (23 mm) so far.   It is welcome.  It is coming down gently, and it is not a severely ‘cold’ rain.  We think this will help the soybeans and corn that we have planted.

We have a little concern about the corn that was planted during those few very cold days.  Cold soil conditions may affect the germination of the seeds.  We delayed 3 or 4 planting days to allow the warmer days to arrive, but still we had some soybeans and corn out there on cold nights.  But we are now on a warming trend, and we are hopeful that it will turn out all right.

I will add some pictures from recent days of planting.

Loading the seed tanks on our CIH 2150 24-row corn planter

You can see the pink (fungicide treated) soybean seeds dropping into the big yellow tank of the JD 1910 air cart.

The corn is going into some very good soil conditions this day.

This is the view ahead when I’m planting soybeans.

This is the view from the seat, out the back, as soybeans are being planted.

Pat captured this image just after she brought lunch on Tuesday.

A couple weeks ago, as I was spraying soybean herbicides, there were some soft, wet spots in some fields.  Most of those are now dried up, and the soybean air drill can go right across!

We will return to planting as soon as the fields are sufficiently dry after this rain. Any time we can get some planting done in April, it ‘feels’ like a real gift.

Another day to ‘count your blessings’.

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