A repair

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Yesterday and today, the guys have been performing a major repair to our Unverferth 1225 rolling harrow.   The arms that carry the actual rolling baskets were worn, and a couple of them broke last fall as Larry was planting wheat.    We tried welding them, but it was not successful.  So, we bit the bullet and replaced those arms.  Those parts came with new pins and bolts, so it is a pretty thorough re-build.  Today, John is putting a bit of weld on part of the frame.  After today, this machine will be good as new.

Reassembling the rolling baskets to the frame of this Unverferth 1225. Can you notice the bright red paint on the new arms?

John’s welding skills are improving. His welds repair the cracks on this frame.

It feels kinda chilly out there today, 51ºF (11C).  And it is windy.  We still have no corn or soybeans emerged, but they are close to doing so.  Warmer days will be quite welcome, and those are predicted for his weekend.  Near 80ºF! (27C)  We need some dry, sunny days in order to return to soybean planting.  Tomorrow, May arrives.  Still, we are weeks ahead of the very slow planting pace of 2019.


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