Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Well, we got started planting corn and soybeans yesterday afternoon.  We had waited from last Friday, because of the cool temperatures.  But we started yesterday afternoon, in spite of the cold forecast for the next day or so.  We see a slight ‘warming trend’ in the forecast, and so we began.

Ross got along pretty well with the corn planter.  I found a ‘bug’ in the air drill– a sensor in the ‘blockage monitor’.  Once that was replaced, the drill worked well.  Then a new warning went off in the 9520R tractor.  That requires a ‘control unit’ for the transmission.  I should get going again this morning.  John was able to spray corn fields with burndown herbicide for the most of day.

Off to a good start…

Towards the end of the afternoon, I had to have some help…


All in all, a typical ‘first day’ of planting.   Some ‘bugs’ you can only find when you go to the field for the first time.

But as for the soil conditions, those were excellent… except for the cool temperature.  The week’s sunshine should warm the soils!   That’s what we’re counting on, anyway.

It feels good to have some seed in the ground.

#plant2o  is here.



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