Monday, April 13, 2020


The fields are ready, even though we received a tiny .1″ rain yesterday on Easter.


The temperature today is 38ºF (4ºC) with a ‘wind chill’ of 29F.  So, we made the decision to wait for a warmer day (looks like Wednesday) to begin our #plant20.

The calendar says ‘plant’; the soil conditions say ‘plant’, but the weather says ‘wait’.

This situation is quite different from ’19, and we are grateful for that.  Planting in 2019 began for us on May 16, and ran (with replanting) until July 10!   The 2019 results were better than we expected.  But this spring feels like another unique circumstance to try to figure out.

As a comparison, on this date in 2012, we finished all the planting.  We thought on that day that we were in for a fantastic year… but the drought of 2012 had a different idea.

We must make our decisions as they come to us… and pray for the best outcome.

Have a great week.



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