Big storm

Thursday, April 9, 2020

As the day ended last night, a big storm came down from the northwest across most of Illinois and Indiana.  We certainly did not miss the event.  The lightning show was a spectacular sight!   In about an hour after the ‘light show’ started, the wind kicked into gear, and some rain with hail hit.

This bank of clouds rolled in about an hour before the lightning put on a big show!  Then, in another hour, the wind and rain and hail began.

The wind topped out at 65mph (104kph), but we only received .6″ (14mm) rain.  So, rain wise, it was about perfect.  But the wind tore off a few shingles from my roof, and we had to pick up 4-5 Gator-loads of broken limbs from the yard.   For a storm of that strength, it was not so bad damage.

Two of the Gator-loads of broken limbs. The chainsaw was even needed a little bit.

Since the NH3 application completed on Tuesday night, we still spent Wednesday in the JD 4730 sprayer applying burndown herbicide to some soybean acres.  That is now ‘caught up’ to the river bottom fields, some of which still have water standing on them.  Today, we’re switching out the herbicide mini-bulk containers in the water trailer, setting it up for applying burndown herbicide for corn.  The planters are hooked up and ready.  They will begin #plant20 as soon as the fields dry again, and that won’t take long.

My self-quarantine will move from the sprayer to this machine on the next available field work day…

The concern today is the return of cool temperatures.  Those are predicted for about 10 more days.  Nights in the low 30s?   Brrr.     Do we go ahead and plant corn and soybeans in the chilly conditions?  I think so, if the soil is in proper condition.


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