It has started..

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Last Friday (April 3rd), we began rolling in the fields.  Ross and John started with the application of NH3 for the 2020 corn crop.  I took the sprayer out the apply a herbicide/fungicide combo on the wheat crop.   After the wheat was sprayed, I cleaned out the sprayer and began applying the burndown herbicides to soybean acres.

Ross applies NH3 with the CIH 420 Rowtrac and the DMI 4200 that the guys worked on so diligently this winter.

Some guys call it “rolling smoke”,  but it is better if you do not see any escaping puffs of gas.. Here, John has the JD 9520R and the 2510H application rig to “put on gas”

The NH3, or anhydrous ammonia is our source of nitrogen to feed our corn crop.  Late last night, they wrapped up that task.

Here is the view from the seat of the JD 4730 sprayer as I apply a herbicide/fungicide combo to the wheat field at our Harry farm.

Probably tomorrow or Friday,  we will convert our sprayer to apply burndown herbicide for corn, and then begin putting that down just ahead of the corn planter.

Once the NH3 application machines are cleaned and stored away, the planters will be hooked up.  Acutal #plant2020 could begin by Friday…

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