Welcome, April!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

It’s a cloudy and chilly (45ºF, 7C) day to begin the month of April.  We did some more prep work for #plant20.  We topped off the soybean seed tender truck.  John checked the sprayer for leaks, cleared away the winter antifreeze, and he has it ready to roll.  The water tender trailer has been filled.  So, we are hoping by week’s end we can get the sprayer in the field to put a herbicide on the wheat crop. It feels like we’re not too far off from the busy season.

The seed tender trailer is re-filled this morning at the local Nutrien plant. It is a fairly speedy process.


Brandon departs the seed building at Nutrien with a load of valuable Asgrow soybean seed, coated in pink fungicide.

The sprayer is out to check its functionality.  It is ready.

The corn planter was out yesterday to be fitted with metering disks in the seed units.

The wheat crop looks pretty nice today. It is ready for a herbicide application as soon as the fields will support the sprayer.

We don’t seem to be limited much by the social distancing or other current restrictions.  Businesses that support farming are still open and ready for the spring rush.  Our delay now is weather related.

C’mon, sunshine!

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