Load the drill

Monday, March 30, 2020

We filled the seed tanks on the JD 1890-1910 soybean air drill today.  Even though it could be weeks before we actually need it, the drill is now loaded and ready.  Let’s hope it is not weeks away to plant soybeans.  We have a different variety in each tank.  The earlier variety, AG33X0 (in the rear tank) will go in the ground first.  Then, when those are planted, the AG34X9 (front tank) will follow.  Now, the seed tender truck can return to Nutrien to be re-filled.  That should happen Wednesday.

We must practice great care in the start-up of this conveyor.  It is important that it is completely clean.  You don’t want any stray bird or mouse nests dropping into your seed tank!

The conveyor takes beans from the truck hopper to the air cart tank

John has some help as he observes the loading of the rear seed tank on the air cart.

The back tank is nearly full

The fields are still very wet, so it will be a few days before we place this air drill in service.

The DMI 4200 ammonia application bar is now fully ready for the field.

And there are some other tasks that must be performed ahead of planting.  Some nitrogen must be applied to the corn fields, and some burn-down herbicide applied.   The wheat fields are nearly ready for a herbicide application.  When it does finally dry out, there will be an abundance of tasks to occupy our days.  Maybe end of the week we can begin…

But there is a chance of rain in the forecast…

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2 Responses to Load the drill

  1. Renee Klein says:

    Hi Dennis,
    Thinking of you and family all the time. Staying in touch with pat via texting, phone calls etc.
    I feel so blessed with my extended family and it brought such joy to see John with one of his little “angels”
    Keep up the good work – always enjoy reading about farm activities – The best place to be in this crazy world!

  2. casifarm says:

    Thank you, Renee, so nice to hear from you. Yes, we are eager to begin our spring field work. Hope all goes well for you.


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