Wet means wait

Friday, March 20, 2020

Another big rain yesterday, 1.2″ (31mm) means that field work remains delayed.  Well, technically, it’s not delayed, but it’s beginning to feel like it.  Now that the end of March is approaching, we are getting eager to begin our spring activity in the fields.  Will this be 2019-like with weeks and weeks of delays?  We sure hope not!

The WASCoBs were full again on Thursday, but were drained out by Friday morning.

In the meantime, we continue one of our winter projects… it has taken longer than we expected.  We are rebuilding a DMI 4200 ammonia bar, and some of the components that control the flow of nitrogen from the tank to the ground needed to be replaced.  Those have been more difficult to acquire than we expected.  In fact, the latest shipment came direct from the factory, and included a couple pieces that were not the correct items.  So, we wait for them to ship us the correct items– some of which will have to be fabricated in their factory!   Our other ammonia bar is hooked up and ready to go… at least we think it’s ready!

John welds on the blue ammonia application bar to reinforce it.

This JD 2510H and the 9520R… we believe are ready to go to the fields.

John services the red-stripe Mack, the truck that carries the water supply to the sprayer.

Software updates in the tractors, combines, and sprayer have been done. That is a task that occurs typically 2x/year, ahead of spring planting and fall harvest.  Check that off the list.

It often goes like this:  we prepare the best we can, but still as the days of field work draw near, there are still some urgent matters that we must iron out at the last minute.

The changes that have come to all of us this month are startling.  Such dramatic disruption to normal life.  There is not much in daily living that has been unaffected, as the world reacts to the spread of this virus.   New phrases have been added to our vocabulary:  Social distancing…  who knew there was such a thing?   Those of us who are farmers will be practicing our “self-quarantine” in our tractors as soon as possible.   We can’t go inside our bank or a restaurant.  No basketball?  No March Madness?  That’s really serious for us in Indiana.  One of the biggest changes has been to move our church services to a streaming service on Facebook Live.  Sure miss the gathering of the body together on Sunday mornings.  Hopefully, we will be back together soon.  In the meantime, we check on one another even more often, and use opportunities to assist when possible.  Our church is partnering with the local school to deliver food to kids while the school is not in session.  Just yesterday, the Governor of Indiana moved the resumption of K-12 schools back from April 6 to (at least) May 1.  There are changes all around us, in about everything we do.

Yes, it has been quite an upheaval.  But we will not fear.   Our hope is built on the promises of God.  The things that matter forever are still A-OK.


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