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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

In the shop today, we are preparing the mowers for spring/summer work.  On average, we mow one time at the end of March.   Looks like it will be typical for March again.  If we can catch a dry day this week, we will be out there cutting grass.

Brandon services the Z970R mower. It sees a lot of action during the year. We mow about 6 acres here


This is the Z540M that I use on my yard at home. It is just the right size to maneuver around all the trees and flower beds.  It is now serviced, blades sharpened, and ready to go.

Now that spring has arrived, there has been an explosion of flowers.  The daffodils are out now, along with forsythia.  Tulips will be out soon.  It is refreshing to see the colors!

Two types of daffodils are making a show these days

The JD 712FC got moved to another shed today to make room for the big, black boxes of DeKalb seed corn.  Those will begin to arrive tomorrow.  Also tomorrow we will pick up the first trailer load of Asgrow seed soybeans from the local Nutrien plant where they will be coated with that pink fungicide treatment.  Another milestone on the road to planting season.

We are eager to get to work in the fields with springtime work.  Surely #plant20 is not far off now.

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