Thursday, March 12, 2020

The soybean grain bins ran dry last week, so we are now officially empty (MT) of soybeans.   The bins are swept clean, and the contracts have been filled.  It is a mixed feeling… good to have the bins clean and the grain delivered, but then we know there is no more inventory to sell!

Some 2019 corn remains here in our storage.   Another contract will be filled in April.  It will be an okay thing when we can declare the corn bins to also be MT.

Most of the bins are MT now, but some corn remains in storage.

Preparation of machines for #plant20 continues.  Brandon is working on the field cultivator today, replacing worn out sweeps, and repacking the wheel bearings.

The field cultivator is ready for its service today.

We have also spent some hours this week performing internal updates to the software systems in our JD tractors, sprayer, and combine.  Those are typically downloaded directly from the cloud to the tractor or combine Gen4 screen, then installed semi-automatically.  For the sprayer, it requires an online download, and a transfer of the information to the GS 2630 screen by USB.  It is neat to observe as all that happens.  These updates usually come out 2x per year.

This is a Gen4 screen during one stage in the update process.

A reboot of the system actually ‘installs’ the new information

John is working the Knox County Ag Day Celebration today.   There will be special presentations for the county’s 5th grade students all afternoon.  Then, this evening, the committee will offer a special pork burger meal to the community at the price of the farmers’ share of the cost, or $1 a plate.   There is usually a huge turnout of folks for the meal and the accompanying exhibits by various ag-related businesses here in Knox County.  The event will take place on campus at Vincennes University.

Hope your day is going well.

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