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Monday, March 9, 2020

This morning, while the roads were still dry (rain is predicted for this evening), John brought home from their remote storage location the soybean drill and the ammonia toolbar.  Now, we merely have to load in the new software and the set-up  field/farm information, and these are ready to go to the field!  First will be the ammonia application, and then corn and soybean planting will occur simultaneously.

Air drill (L). 9520R tractor (R) has the ammonia toolbar, a JD2510H. They are now here at the main farm for the finishing touches ahead of spring field work.

The corn planter still needs the installation of a special cable that will permit the FieldView “Drive” (commonly known as the ‘hockey puck’) to communicate properly with the planter.  We need some assistance from a CaseIH service professional to make sure we get it ‘right’.  That should be coming up shortly.

We see reports of farmers in central Illinois planting soybeans.  I hope the weather stays favorable for them.  Early planting certainly has its advantages.  And, to be honest, we’ve only lost soybeans to snow one time.  But I have a difficult time considering any planting until the calendar says “April”.

The first flower of spring showed up yesterday.

I had to return to the doctor (NP, really) to get some treatment for the dreaded ‘man-cold’.  That’s twice in a couple weeks.  Let’s hope this will soon be history.

#plant20 will soon be upon us.



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