Fixer Upper

Friday, February 21, 2020

This week, the guys have been working in the shop on a DMI NH3 toolbar.  We purchased it recently with the intention to repair/refurbish it for use this spring.  It will apply anhydrous ammonia nitrogen fertilizer.  The new(ish) STX 420 tractor will be the one we use to pull it around.  We have been robbing parts from our existing 15-knife toolbar, as well as installing new parts.  Every one of the 8 hydraulic cylinders had to have a seal kit installed to stop leaks.  Each row cutter and each carrying wheel required the hubs to be repacked with grease and some even required new bearings.  All the hoses that will carry the NH3 were beyond their expiration date and were replaced.   This machine was a perfect example of the term “fixer upper”.   A few more shop days, and it should be ready to roll.

This blue DMI toolbar has occupied John and Brandon for several days.

The weather today is cold, 29ºF, but the sun is shining brightly.  The weekend is predicted to be in the 50s.  Up and down, no wonder so many folks around the area are down with flu and colds.  Better days are coming!

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