Unusual day

Thursday, February 13, 2020  3pm

Today was quite different.

Early this morning a professional photographer arrived at the farm.  This guy, Geoff Johnson from Omaha, had been here 5 years ago to facilitate a project under contract to PERC.  This time, he was working on another project in which he wants to feature 100 farmers across the USA.  He had been intending to come a couple other times, but this time it worked out.  He had all kinds of special lighting, tripods, and a couple different cameras…even one that used film (I thought Kodak film was a thing of the past).  It was chilly, but he set up his equipment to capture images around the farmstead.  He took pictures of tractors, grain bins, and me.   He was an easy guy to be around, and made this unusual morning feel not too strange.  We certainly did not have any bright, warm sunshine, but he brought along the supplemental lighting he required.  Some of the pictures were taken inside our shop, so it was more comfortable.

Geoff Johnson

He positioned additional lighting equipment to get the scene ‘just right’

Here, Geoff switches from his digital Canon to a ‘film’ camera.

Geoff wrapped up his work here before noon, and packed his van to head west.  He hopes to arrive back in Omaha to be with his family tomorrow evening.

It is nice that we are not doing those pictures outside this afternoon, for the temperature has plummeted to 24ºF and the wind has picked up to 16 mph.  Makes it ‘feel’ like it’s 12º out there.

Thanks, Geoff, for coming to this chilly SWIN farm today.  It was fun to see you do what you do.  Check his website to see some of his work.


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