Corn going out

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

We are sending corn to market today.  We have some contracts to fill at GPC, Washington, Indiana. Brandon has 6 appointments today, and it will make me busy to keep the corn run up into the overhead corn bin.   I’ll monitor the flow of corn from storage to the load out.   Yes, I know it’s not hard work, not like I have to do much more than push some buttons, but I must be diligent.  When the load out bin gets full, it sets off a very loud buzzer that tells me to shut down the flow of grain.  Don’t ask me what happens if you don’t hear that buzzer.

Yes, Brandon has 6 appointments today.  With the inbound truck system they employ at GPC, it eliminates any waiting in line.  I think that was one of the reasons I never liked being a trucker.  Those interminable lines at the elevator.  But now, those are eliminated, as appointments are scheduled at about 4 minute intervals.  This GPC system is very locally popular, and I can’t understand why others have not established a similar way to receive the truckloads of grain.

We see a little sunshine now and then today, but we are expecting some wintry mix tonight and tomorrow.  The farm lot and driveway are messy, and the trucks are showing it.

You can see that it is a little muddy around the bins today.

As the truck moves out, you can see that there is some grime on the trailer, especially the chrome wheels.

Last Saturday afternoon, Pat and I traveled to Evansville, Indiana (about an hour south) to see our South Knox high school basketball team play at Reitz HS there.   We also hoped we’d get the chance to visit with Joe Patton and his wife Kathy.  Joe is now an assistant at Reitz.  He was the Varsity coach at South Knox for several years; he had our two younger sons on his teams.  During those years, we developed great respect and affection for the Pattons and we are pleased we can call them friends.

Our boys were not successful Saturday against Joe’s team.  Reitz is a much larger 4A school compared to South Knox 2A.  On Joe’s team is one of the most highly regarded Juniors in the USA–Khristian Lander.  We were able to see  Kathy during the game, and speak with Joe after the game.   All memories of Coach Patton and Kathy are good ones.

Joe and Kathy Patton

We had a good time when we returned home from Evansville.  We watched our recorded basketball game of Purdue at IU.   Our Boilermakers prevailed in Bloomington that day, making for 6 straight wins vs IU, and 4-in-a-row at Assembly Hall!   Sweet!

Our girls HS team wrapped up their season also on Saturday night.  They lost to the Linton Miners in the championship game of the Sectional tournament at Eastern Greene.  Linton was ranked 3rd in 2A in Indiana, and our Spartans were ranked 4th.  With 3 ranked teams among the seven in the Ea Greene Sectional, it was widely considered the toughest Sectional in Indiana this year.  By the way, the Sectional is the first round of the 4-week state championship tournament and it is directed by the IHSAA.

Our girls’ season ended, seemingly much too soon.  But the season had a record of 22-5, the best in school history.



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