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Thursday, January 16, 2020

John brought the JD 4730 sprayer into the shop this morning.  He bought a complete set of filters (on special reduced price this time of  year) and will be performing the annual service on the sprayer today.  The tractors will get the same treatment as soon as practical.  #plant20 is on the way.  Preparation of the machines has begun.

JD 4730 in our shop, ready for service. Filters,  lubrication, and an engine oil change.

I had a conversation with our advisor from Nutrien this morning.  After reviewing the weather forecast, we decided we will attempt to apply some nitrogen top-dress to some of the wheat crop.  Low temperatures will be in the single-digits Saturday and Sunday nights, so there may be a window of opportunity to apply some N.   That expectation is tempered with the prospect that a significant rainfall may occur before the low temps, making the ground too soft to freeze enough to get across the fields.  Above freezing temps will return Tuesday, so we may or may not get some N onto the wheat.  If not, there should/could be more opportunities in February to do so.  We apply a blend of ESN and urea for this nitrogen.  Yes, it is a bit early to apply top-dress N, so if this occurs Monday, the proportion of ESN in the blend will increase a bit.  The wheat looks pretty good right now.

Here is a short YouTube video of this top-dress application from one of our fields in 2014.

Brandon is out with the Pete, delivering corn to ADM at Newburgh, IN.  I-69 makes that a much easier run.  We are filling those advance sales contracts.

Sunny out today, but the temperature is 30F.  It’s supposed to get up in the mid 30s today.  The blue sky is certainly great to see today.



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