One down, one still going…

Friday, January 10, 2020

Today, we are receiving the rain that has been promised for many days. However, it is not quite as heavy (at least so far) as was predicted. 1.6″ (41mm) has arrived as of late Friday morning. While we were predicted to get 4-5″, it kinda seems like that may have been overstated. Time will tell.

Brandon has the ‘Vanna’ Mack truck in our  shop, working on a couple oil leaks around the engine. He has changed out some hoses, and the ‘pan gasket’.  He thinks he has it fixed. He has certainly put in the mechanic work for a couple days.

This is our ‘Vanna’ Mack truck. (It is white, so why not name it that?) Brandon has had it in our shop for a couple days, attempting to stop some small oil leaks.  It is the ‘one down’ today.

The ‘Pete’ (Peterbilt) is the truck that is ‘still going’. Brandon takes it out late this morning. (Friday the 10th). Although he has tried to avoid taking it out when the roads are messy this winter, he pressed it into service this morning. At least there won’t be salt on the roads today.

Speaking of “one down, one still going”, that’s John and Brandon this week. John has been kept at home with the flu, and Brandon has been able to keep going. There is a lot of flu going around, and it has invaded John’s house. I think he hit the low point yesterday, and hopefully, he is now on the mend.

We had a meeting yesterday afternoon about our use of John Deere Operations Center.  Our JD salesman Shane from Hutson, Inc. brought two of Hutson’s in-house specialists, as well as two JD specialists from Iowa.   It was an interesting meeting, as we shared our ideas about the strengths and limitations of Op Ctr, and the guys from corporate took copious notes.  We compared our use of Op Ctr to our use of Climate’s Fieldview, and we are hoping that this meeting will result in some helpful improvements in the JD information system.  We rely on it quite heavily, for prescription writing and for gathering information from field operations.  But for analysis of the results, we typically turn to Fieldview.  It was a pleasant discussion around the office conference table.   It is a helpful thing for John Deere to send their folks out the interact directly with their customers.

Well, our Purdue Boilermakers lost again last night, this time at Michigan.  It was another double overtime game!  It is hard to take the loss, but then again, they played much better than they did at Illinois last Sunday.  Unlike the Illinois game, there have been times, especially when they play in Mackey Arena, that they look unstoppable.   So, we will take the optimist’s view, and believe that Coach Painter is making them better.   The Big Ten is just uniformly strong this year.  

We hope you are all missing out on the flu rampage, and that you will have a great weekend.  


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