Air Seeder 101

Monday, January 20, 2020

Last Friday, John and I went in to Alliance Tractor and picked up our JD 1890 air drill + 1910 air cart.  It had been there since before New Year’s getting refurbished with new ground-engaging parts.  It has now been placed back into storage down at the Huey farm.  It’s good as new!

Out the gate at Alliance Tractor…

Right down US 50 we went to take the drill from Alliance’s shop to its storage location at our Huey farm.

Here, John disconnects all the wires and hoses, after we back the drill into this building.  Snug fit, really! This quonset-style building keeps the rain and sun off the valuable machine.

Over the weekend, I discovered a website that explains how an air drill (air seeder) works.  So, if you would like to learn about what goes on inside the machine as I am planting soybeans, just click on the following link:   JD Air Seeder Info.  There you’ll find an interesting video, just under 2 minutes.

In just a few more weeks, this machine will be brought into service!  10-12 weeks to #plant20… doesn’t sound far off, does it?

There are still several pieces of equipment that need our attention in our shop.  That’ll keep our days occupied until field work can begin.  Also, we will be delivering grain to market.  Yes, grain farmers actually do some work during the winter!

Have a wonderful week.



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