Gray day

Monday, December 9, 2019

It’s a good day for office work.  It’s drizzly, rainy, gray day.  It’s not gritty cold, but even at 52ºF  (11C), it just feels chilly.  Yes, it is a ‘rainy day and a Monday’, but it doesn’t get me down.  How old do you have to be to know what that means?

You could call this wet day ‘dreary’.

So, I’m spending the morning in the office.  There are a few bills to get paid and sent out.  And there is the monthly ‘reconciling the books with the bank’ task.   With some diligence throughout the month, that task usually goes pretty quickly.  I can remember many years ago when I dealt with paper books:  the General Journal and Ledger.  I recall spending some days searching for a 10-cent error!  Sometimes I’d transpose numbers or write it wrong.  After looking over and over those same pages, it often became just a blur.  You could be looking at the exact mistake, and simply not ‘see’ it!  When we began to use a computer for bookkeeping back in 1984, it started us on a new path.  Those ‘typos’ became easier to find and remedy.  Now, we use an online version of QuickBooks.   That system took some time before I was comfortable and confident with it, but now it is a great tool for the bookkeeping.  Yes, I still make some typing errors, but they are relatively easy to find and fix.

QB is open and ready to work.


No grain is going out in today’s weather.  After all, Brandon just washed the Pete on Friday!   Rain is supposed to stop tomorrow, and colder days and nights will follow.  Sure feels like winter has arrived in SWIN.

The decorating at home is about done.  I help some with the trees and a few other things, but the special touches are done by Pat.  She makes everything look festive and beautiful.  And yesterday, she was working on making some blankets to give as gifts.  For the farm office, decorating for Christmas is pretty easy.  We just put out a small tree on the conference table.

Our only office decoration for Christmas: the Charlie Brown tree!

We are looking forward to the call from the service department at Alliance Tractor.  When they are ready, we will take the soybean air drill out of storage at the Huey farm, and deliver it to them.  We are eager to get the repair and refurbishment completed on that machine.  Yes, it has now completed only 3 years of planting soybeans, but it needs new blades and boots–as well as some other parts.  As dad used to say, “It’s not the age, but the mileage.”  It has run over many acres in those 3 years.

December can be a hectic month with all the special activities and gatherings to attend.  And, of course it’s basketball season!  I’m looking forward to our granddaughters being in the kids’ Christmas program next Sunday at WCC.  It’s a special moment for the children, creating some lasting memories associated with Christmas.  It helps them connect to the ‘reason for the season’.  And, let’s be honest here, the parents and grandparents just cannot resist seeing those adorable kids as shepherds, wise men, angels, Mary-Joseph-Jesus, or even stable animals!   If you grew up in church, I’m sure you have sweet memories of those times, too.

Our oldest granddaughter is in first grade, and she will be in tomorrow night’s school program.  She has a small ‘speaking part’, and we can’t wait to go to that event!

As you go through the month of December, please remember those farmers across the country who are still gathering in their crops.  Also, remember the livestock producers who must care for their animals in less-than-perfect weather.  Even in our neighborhood, there remain some unharvested corn and soybeans.  2019 has been a year to test the mettle of Midwestern farmers, and it hasn’t come to a close for many.  Pray for them and their work.

Have a good week.


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