A quiet Monday

Monday, December 16, 2019

Yesterday afternoon and last night, we received a couple inches of snow.  There was no wind associated with it, so there was no drifting.  Schools are on a two-hour delay.  The roads are very messy this morning, so we would rather not get the trucks out on those salty pathways.  Grain deliveries can wait a little bit.  Instead, some inside work is occurring.

The driveway to the farm shop and bins was messy, but not slippery

Looking west, you can see the snow is already melting away. The rain should wipe it out by afternoon, but more is coming tonight

We like to see snow on the bin roofs; that indicates that there is no latent hot spots in the grain inside.

Late last week, John and I spent a couple mornings cutting sprouts on ditch banks at the Huey and Steen farms.  Cedar sprouts catch my attention, and we found some maples and willows too.  We try very hard to  keep our ditches clean of woody sprouts, leaving only grassy banks so that the water can flow clearly.   We determined that the ditch at Steen needs an excavator to dig along the banks and straighten the water flow.  It is too big a ditch to reach adequately with our backhoe; it will require Mr. Worland’s track-hoe.  He now has it on his ‘to do’ list.  We will sow fescue along it after the work, and it’ll be in great shape for many years.

John cuts a cedar sprout.


Brandon is changing the engine oil in his pickup.  We have some guys from Stoll Brothers here to replace the door on our electric building.  Hopefully, this will stop the leaks that have been happening with that door in recent months.

Stoll’s crew is replacing the door on our electric control building.

There was a wonderful children’s program at church yesterday.  It is so great to see those kids act out the story of the first Christmas.  More than just cute, it creates lasting memories for the children and their families, and helps make more ‘real’ the story of Jesus.  It was a great blessing, and the added appeal for me was that two of my granddaughters took part!

Those angels were pretty cute!

Also, yesterday afternoon/evening as the snow was falling, it was a great day to stay cozy inside and watch basketball.  After all, this is Indiana:  any day here is a good day to watch basketball.  We were settled  in to the Purdue at Nebraska game.  We noticed right away that one of the B1G broadcasters was Shon Morris.  This brought back good memories of our trip to Lincoln, Nebraska a couple winters ago to watch Purdue vs. the Huskers.  We met Shon at the airport in Chicago as we waited together for our flight to Lincoln.  Turns out he is a very kind and open individual.  The conversation was so friendly and comfortable.  It was a special treat to visit with him, and he invited us to check in with him courtside before the game that day.  He was so courteous with us!  Sparked by that pleasant memory of meeting him, I fired off a quick email message to him before yesterday’s game started, and he replied with a kind message after the game.   Thank you to our friend, Shon Morris!  His email was the highlight of yesterday’s game, because the Huskers simply outplayed our Boilermakers!

I must make a run to the post office and the bank, and I’ll take Pat to the grocery store.  You see, it’s not a busy farm day.  More snow is predicted tonight, and lower temperatures tomorrow.  That snow may last a little longer than the one that is melting away today.  It sure would be nice to have some snow next week for Christmas!


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