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Friday, December 6, 2019

Even though it is not nearly as pleasant a day as yesterday (when we saw a sunny 57ºF), Brandon is out there washing the Pete.  He has the corn deliveries ‘caught up’.  In addition to delivering grain to market, he will soon turn his attention to sweeping a couple bins.  Washing trucks is not as pleasant as driving them, but it is a necessary thing.  If there is salt on the roads during the winter, frequent washing is significantly more important.

Brandon braves the cold to wash up the Peterbilt and its trailer

Yesterday, John and I went down to the Huey farm location to put some screws in the tin of that old, old (very old) quonset building.  It has metal ribs to which the corrugated tin work is fastened.  Some of those old fasteners had broken loose, allowing the building’s skin to flap loose in a few places.  We got those tacked down into place once again, hopefully extending that quonset building’s useful life.  It is the only place we currently have where we can park the JD soybean planter inside without disconnecting the air cart from the NT drill.  It is a tight fit:  sometimes it seems like you need a shoe horn to squeeze it back into place!  But patience allows us to eventually get the air drill in there, out of the sun and rain.

Speaking of the air drill, we had it formally inspected a couple weeks ago by the team at Alliance Tractor.  From that information, we have decided to perform a major re-build of that machine.  It will get new opener blades, gauge wheels, press wheels, and seed ‘boots’.  The new boots and press wheels are a new design called “Pro Series”.   We think those improvements will give the drill more accurate seed placement in the soil  There are also a few small hydraulic leaks, and some air tubes that need repaired/replaced.   When that task is complete, it will be like a whole new drill again!  It will be fully ready for #plant20.   And, #plant20 will be here before you know it…

We are celebrating Purdue basketball’s big win over Virginia.   The team really played hard, and they looked much better than they did in their earlier games.   Wednesday night was a good time to be a Boilermaker… and they did their part to help in the B1G/ACC Challenge.

Have a pleasant weekend, everyone.

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