Gray day

Monday, December 2, 2019

It’s very chilly out there.   No sunshine is breaking through the thick, gray clouds today.  The roofs had a dusting of snow on them when the day began.   The temperature has only moved up to 35ºF (2C) today.  As a result, it feels quite like winter in SWIN today.

Gray skies over Carnahan & Sons today

Snow on the roof our our ‘electric building’ this morning. All the electric power goes through this facility, and it contains the controls for the dryer and the aeration fans on the storage bins.

I got the results of the inspection of our soybean air drill done by our local JD dealer, Alliance Tractor in Vincennes.  It has an in-depth report of the condition of each of the 60 row units along with the rest of the air cart and drill.  There are many worn-out gauge wheel tires, along with many press wheels that will require replacement.  Plan is to sit down with John tomorrow and create a “parts list” that we will take to JD.  Probably in January we will retrieve the air drill from its remote storage location and place it in the shop.  It will take many days to perform the many repairs and replacements.  We want this important machine to be completely ready for field work in the spring of 2020 (hopefully in April!).

Brandon is delivering corn to market today.  It’s good to see some grain go out the driveway.  That allows us to move grain out of our storage bins and helps us monitor the condition of the quality of that stored grain.

Loading the “Pete” with corn this afternoon.

The corn in this truck looks great. It has come out of storage in great condition.

Today, Brandon is making the longer delivery runs to Newburgh, Indiana.  That ADM location is on the Ohio River, and just a touch over an hour away.  He will also be delivering corn to GPC at nearby Washington, Indiana.   There are many loads of corn to go out this month and next.  Gotta fill those contracts!  At this time, there are no soybeans to deliver until January.

The wind out there today is 10-15 mph (16-24 km/h).  Add that to the 35º and you get a pretty chilly-feeling day.

Most of the 2020 fertilizers and lime have been applied.  Only two fields remain, and with the forecast, it may be weeks before Nutrien gets that wrapped up.

We hope you had a good celebration for Thanksgiving.   We hope you will continue that attitude of being grateful for all the days ahead.

Have a good week.

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