A start date in mind

Tuesday, September 17,2019

Ross is saying that he thinks we need to get harvest started on this Thursday, the 19th of September.  It is the latest start to harvest in my memory.  But, it fits with the pattern of 2019… delayed planting has led to this delayed harvest.  We are certain that there will be no mid-October finish to harvest this year.  The last harvest day will not be spent in a warm, sunny October afternoon.  We expect harvest to extend far into November this year.  And, November weather is a toss-up.  It can be beautiful and warm, or chilly and soggy.  But either way, we will do our best to bring in our 2019 corn and soybeans.

Performing some calibrations today.

Preparations continue.  John is servicing today the “compressorator” that sits in the back of his pickup during the busy seasons.  This device combines an air compressor and a generator.  It often comes in handy for repairs we must do in the field.


The weather has been quite hot for several days.  90s and high 80s.  We know that it is drying down the corn and soybeans that are ripe for harvest.  But the hot days are a two-edged sword.  The hot, dry days are also reducing yield potential for the late-planted corn and soybeans. I saw some DCB on a hillside yesterday afternoon that were definitely showing signs of moisture deficiency stress.


An eye-catching SWIN sunset over Carnahan & Sons.

All in all, we plan to be ready for harvest field work on Thursday.  We are praying for  favorable harvest weather.


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