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Saturday, September 21, 2019

#harvest19 has started.

We went to the corn field on Thursday.   The corn was wetter than we would like, but we had to bring some in to fill our September sales contracts.  The grain was also quite variable in moisture content, ranging from 22 to 29%.  This variability makes the operation of the grain dryer more difficult, but John is quite diligent to try to get uniform moisture out of it.  We harvested the Harry farm, finishing yesterday afternoon.  Now that we have enough corn in the bin to fill our September contracts, we thought we would prefer to cut soybeans, and allow the ‘solar dryer’ to work on the corn some more!  The guys will get that corn delivered over the next several mornings.

Ross decided to go try to cut some soybeans on Friday evening.  I thought he was too optimistic.  I just knew by the looks of those beans that they’d be wet– and come in 15-16%.  But Ross was right (again).   The moisture levels ran 9-11%, and he finished that first 21 acre field beans right before dark.  We will both be going to the soybean field today!   Because it’s cloudy this morning, we should be able to start a bit earlier in the day.

I’ll attach some pictures here of the first couple days of harvest.

The machines were all shiny on Thursday morning before we headed off to the field.

The first day is replete with calibrations and set-ups. Shane Knoy from Hutsons came by to help us get set up properly. He discusses the crop with Ross

Ross in the 8250

Unloading on-the-go is a typical practice at Carnahan & Sons.

By Thursday night, the trucks were waiting to get unloaded. The really wet corn slows the drying process considerably.

Yesterday evening, Ross was cutting dry soybeans! I’ll join him today (Saturday the 21st)

Brandon fills the trucks.

Larry is here today to operate the JD 9360R with the disk and crumbler to disk the corn stalks at the just-harvested Harry farm.  He’ll plant that in wheat late next week.

There is a little rain in our forecast.  If it comes, or if it does not…either way, it’s okay.

Have a great weekend.


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