Leaves are a-turnin’

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Yes, fall is coming, harvest is not far away.  Ross thinks we shall begin corn harvesting next week.  That may be a little optimistic, but we will get going the week of the 23rd for sure.

The leaves on this tulip tree are mostly yellow, and many have fallen to the ground.

Soybeans are coming along, too.  We have the earliest-planted fields that seem about 10 days away from cutting.  And, of course, we have some beans planted in July that are just beginning to set pods.  We do anticipate the harvest season extending deep into November.  No mid-October finish this year!

What do you think? 10 days from harvest?

We do expect to begin fall harvest in the corn field.  We have some September sales contracts to fill, so that is a must this year.  In a typical year, we would be well along by now.  In fact, on 9-11-01… a day we will never forget…we were picking corn at the Harry farm, on the most beautiful day you can imagine.

We would prefer that the corn moisture level be 22% or less to begin, but we may not be able wait for that.  It will be a balancing act, trying to weigh the urgency of harvest with the cost of drying wet corn.  The 94ºF (34C) temperature this afternoon will help cook out some of that moisture!

Have a great weekend.

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