September arrives…

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The morning was a bit cooler today, after a high of 88F yesterday.  Low 80s predicted for today, and 70s for the remainder of the week.  You could feel it yesterday for the first time:


The sun was hot but the air was cool.  This seems a bit early compared to average.  But 2019 has been anything but average, so what else is new?

Brandon is out today with the JD 9360R and a disk and crumbler, working the acres that remained unplanted this summer.  It will be good to get the weeds brought down on those acres, and get them ready for fall.   These “bare” acres are in the White River bottoms.  Ross says there is still standing water in some places.  Brandon will dodge those spots.

John and Brandon service the tire pressures and lubricate the bearings on the disk.

Brandon is headed out to disk the areas of unplanted acres in two fields near White River.

The Pete (one of the trucks) is still in the shop at VoMac in Vincennes, getting the A/C repaired.  It has a slow leak in it that allows the freon to disappear.  They’ll find the leak and make it work well.  VoMac has a great shop.

The combines and heads are completely prepared for fall.  The grain cart is yet to come out of storage for initial maintenance, and adjustments.  We rebuilt the tracks last year, so those should require only adjustments and lubrication.

The set-up information for the combines for fall harvest has been created and installed in the JD S780 and the CIH 8250. The small repairs to the soybean headers have been made. The corn heads have been serviced.  It feels like we are ready…at least for the field work.  There is some repair work going on to bin #7 and the Honeyville grain leg.  Montgomery Welding is performing those repairs and they are making good progress.

Yesterday, Ross tested some corn from the first-planted field.   He got 32% moisture.  Of course, if you were to take the combine it would bring in a sample about 2 points above that.  So, the corn has a ways to go before the combines run.  A couple weeks, at least.  We’d prefer the corn be <25% (22%, really) to start.  But all the farm magazines are telling us get those combines going!  Start that grain dryer!   We assume from the delayed planting date that 2019 harvest will extend far into November.

Have a good rest of your week.


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