Harvest prep begins

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Beginning on Monday, we started prepping the combines for fall harvest.  We had to remove some parts from the internal workings of the JD S780 combine (concave filler plates and separator grate covers), and switch out the concaves of the CIH 8250.  We checked and adjusted the clean grain and tailings elevators on each machine.  We set up these combines for corn, which we anticipate being the first thing we will harvest.  Brandon gave them a wash; that was a good thing– he had not had a chance to wash off the dirt from the wheat harvest. These machines performed very well in our wheat crop; we are eager to see what they will do in corn and soybeans!

We attached the new (to us) JD 712FC corn head to the combine, and performed the many calibrations.  We encountered some difficulty with the “fold” sensors, and a mechanic from the selling dealer (Alliance Tractor) had to come and make it work.  So, now the corn head is ready, and the folding mechanism works as designed!  There is some repair do be done to both the JD and MacDon flex draper platforms.  Probably get to that tomorrow.

This new (to us) corn head required many adjustments and a few repairs. Many calibrations were necessary. And, of course, those calibrations had to be done in a very specific order!  We are getting more and more acquainted with the Gen 4 system.

All the gathering chains needed a little adjustment, and the oil level in every row-unit gearbox was corrected.  The grease zerks were lubricated. 

It took a while to get the ‘fold sensors’ properly adjusted, but now the header folds correctly and easily with a mere touch on the Gen4 screen.

Brandon makes the CIH 8250 shine.

There were other, random tasks to do on this nice day.  John replaced the flag at the top of the grain elevator.  It was getting quite ragged from months of winds.  This one was deployed in December of last year, so that was a pretty long-lasting flag!  It always feels good to have “Old Glory” flying above Carnahan & Sons.

down with the worn out flag…

…and up with the new!

I did a little cleaning in the shop.  I cleared away some of the clutter and layers of dust from the work bench.  I carried out and disposed many used (and drained) oil filters.  I also went out with the Gator to spray a couple spots of johnsongrass over at the Cox Hill field.

I hope to work with the bush hog again tomorrow, while the young guys do the prep and repair on the soybean platforms.

Jake and Matt were here again today from Montgomery Welding to begin installing a new unloading auger in our bin #7.  The floor will go down again soon.

We met with a representative of the Bayer Corp (they acquired Monsanto) to review our herbicide program for 2019, and to plan for a few anticipated changes for 2020.  We are also meeting with our seed suppliers to discuss the possibility of planting wheat again for 2020.  With profit margins narrowing significantly, we are examining more intensively our alternatives.  Corn and soybean planting decisions will be made later, in late October and early November.

The annual Farm Progress Show began yesterday in Decatur, Illinois and will run through tomorrow.  It is a fantastic outdoor farm exhibition, but we just could not get away to take it in this year.   It will return to Decatur in 2021, as it moves in the even-numbered  years to its other permanent location at Boone, Iowa.

It was a very pleasant 78ºF (25C) day today, with a gentle and cool breeze.  It was so very comfortable to be outside today.  I suppose the corn and soybeans would prefer mid 80s, but for people, it was a wonderful day.  The cloudless blue sky was brilliant!



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