Feels like fall

Saturday, August 24, 2019

The temperature got down into the high 50s last night, so when we ventured out this morning, it was downright refreshing.  People are going to love this weekend here.  High temps in the 70s, and brilliant sunshine.  Wow.  Yes, it does feel like fall.

Such a beautiful blue sky on a lovely SWIN August day. We’ll take it!

It was so nice, I just had to wash the pickup…and Pat’s car, too.

One downside may be the effect of the lower temperatures on crop development.  Will this slow down the already late corn and soybeans?  Perhaps.  But next week, daytime 80s return, and that will again accelerate the crop progress.

We have not reached 100ºF here this summer.  We occasionally complain about the heat and humidity (often, really).  But of course, there have been summers  that have been hotter.  Remember 2012, the drought year?  One that regularly gets discussed is the summer of 1936.  There were many days over 100 degrees that year, and no one had an air conditioner back then!  Mom or dad would often remark about that summer with, “You think this is hot?  You shoulda been there in ’36!”

I can recall the summer nights in the early 1960s, before mom and dad got central air in our house.  Sticky, hard to rest, yucky circumstances.  Sometimes we just went outside to lie in the yard to see if it was any better (it usually wasn’t better, but we had to try something).  That’s one thing about the old days I don’t miss.

So we will enjoy this short respite.

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