A good time to count your blessings

Monday, August 12, 2019

There has been much about 2019 that is forgettable.  For us here on the farm, it has been a year of non-stop challenges brought on by unusually wet months.  Really, it has been wet here since last November, and the rainy period extended into July.  The windows of opportunity to plant our spring crops in good soil conditions were quite small.  Just about the time the fields would get ‘good’ for the planters, it would rain again.  This situation delayed our planting into June for corn and into July for soybeans.  We had to replant in many fields, areas that were damaged or drowned by frequent flooding.   We lost several hundred acres of corn to White River flooding, and it was too late to replant the corn, so most of those acres we replanted to soybeans.

Add on top of that weather challenge are the trade disputes that have dinged the grain markets.  It seems that the trade problem was a fight that needed to take place, but the burden of the downside has been borne mostly by agriculture.  We hope for a speedy resolution to the disputes, but the market access that has been lost may take much longer to rebuild.

Among all the challenges, we need to remember that we are not alone.  The current circumstances are temporary.   Our family has much for which to be thankful.  All of us are reasonably healthy.  Although late, the crops look reasonably good right now–not very many acres went unplanted.  We still have a comfortable place to live.  During the hot days of summer, we can enjoy the refreshing A/C in our homes and offices.  Not one of us go hungry.  And we have the hope of the promises of God.  He will never leave us or forsake us.  We would all do well to recall that old church song, “Count Your Blessings”!

One of the best blessings we are counting today is the arrival of our new granddaughter Kate.  She was born on Saturday, healthy and whole.  What a wonderful reminder of how blessed we are.

Little Kate Carnahan. Sweet.

So, when we look around and all we see is the damage, unplanted fields, or ‘holes’ in our standing crops– we are not seeing the whole picture.   Look deeper and recognize the true and lasting wealth all around us.

Have a good week.


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