Random thoughts after a little rain

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

We had some fog this morning.  Looks like early fall, not mid summer.   It burned off by 930 am.  But even after that, the day was hazy.

The morning fog is lifting…

We are happy to report that we received a little bit of rain yesterday evening and during the night.   Who would have thought back in April-May-June we would be happy about getting a rain?  Although the corn was not showing big signs of stress, you could tell it was getting dry.  The yard was getting kinda ‘crunchy’ as you walked across it.  Dry weather was becoming a topic of conversation all around, as we acknowledged that we would like to receive some rain.  No, it wasn’t a big one, but even a little one helps.  It was spotty, with more in some fields than others.  All in all, .47″ (12mm) rain.  Not bad.

We received a light rain Tuesday afternoon, but the heavier rains went around us here.

When the rain stopped here, you could still see it to the south, across US 50

We went out to the corn field and pulled an ear from the first-planted field.  ( May 17).  Not huge, 16 rows around, but pollinated pretty well.

Nice size ear, but a long way off to harvest!

The June 3rd planted corn is now in full pollination mode.  The silks are shining, and the sweet aroma of the the tassels make the neighborhood smell wonderful.   Corn pollination is my favorite smell of all, even better than fresh-cut grass (a close second).

The tassels are laden with pollen, destined for the silks below. The only thing a picture can’t capture is the sweet, sweet aroma!

The ‘golden hair’ of the silks are receiving the needed pollen. Each one makes a kernel of corn, where it attaches to the cob.

The soybeans are setting pods now, and last night’s rain will help fill them up!

See the little pods in there?

Ross has visitors coming from Italy this weekend.  They are connected by their love for quarter horses.

Another happy thing is that the soybeans at the home place look pretty good.  They seemed to have a slow start, but are okay now.  At least when we drive in and out, the things we see every day are pleasing to the eye.  Grateful for that.  John’s herbicide program has worked pretty well this year, and Brandon has been very diligent to spray the weeds in the field borders, ditches, and roadsides.

The daily view, in and out of the farm, is pretty nice.


Pat and I are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our 3rd grandchild any day now!







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