It’s (finally) bush hog time

Monday, July 29, 2019

Before today’s rain, I was out with the JD 7130 tractor and bush hog.  I worked the morning near Wheatland, along US 50, cleaning up the appearance of the roadsides there.   I have now been around to most of the fields, and the bush hog will go on ‘pause’ soon.  It seemed like it took me forever to get to this work this year; I guess it’s because planting season lasted so very long.  But now, I’ve been past most of the fields, and I’m really pleased with the way they look.  Not many will get a second mowing, just the ones near the main farm that we see every day.  Here are some pictures of the mowing.

Mowing along Petersburg Road last week at the Burke farm.

Petersburg Road after the bush hog goes through

This morning along US 50 near Wheatland. Needs a mowing, don’tcha think?

Also, at mid-morning today, a couple guys went by bearing a cross, walking west along the eastbound lane of US 50.

Here’s US 50, just east of Robinson Road– after the bush hog last week. I think mowing is a great improvement.

We are getting some rain this afternoon, about a quarter inch so far.  It is quite a happy thing to be getting this rain.  No, we are not in a ‘hurt’ for rain, but the crops will respond very nicely to it.  The double-crop soybeans (DCB) will benefit from this rain.  The latest planted corn is beginning to tassel, and the cooler temperatures ushered in by this rain will be a good thing, too.

After lunch today, the western sky turned dark, and it did bring us some rain.

The Knox County Fair took place last week, and the weather cooperated pretty nicely for it.  There was rain on Monday, and the temperatures moderated for a few days, increasing each day through the week, until it got back into the 90s by Friday.  We attended the goat show to support the kids of Pat’s cousin.  Their goats did pretty well.  The show was well-run, and the judge worked quickly.  Folks really turn out for the fair… from babies to great-grandparents… they all are there to support those 4-Hers.

It is always neat to watch little kids at the fair as they observe the animal judging contests.  I suppose they are figuring out how they will perform when it becomes ‘their turn’ in a few years.

Seemed like these little guys were evaluating how the judge was doing. Neat.

There were milestones this week.  John removed the training wheels from his girls’ bikes, and they now are riding along on their own!  Also, the JD 1910-1890 air drill has  been put into storage at its location at the Huey farm, east of Wheatland.  The JD 9520R has been  hooked to that thing through 5 different months, kinda seems like forever.  We brought the air drill home in March, but now it is finally stored away!  Next time we bring it home, it will require some refurbishment on the opener blades and/or gauge wheels, and perhaps the seed boots.  But that’s something to figure out in 2020.  Also–another milestone– yesterday, Pat and I celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary.  Those years have gone by quickly, too!

School starts here late next week.  Boy, oh boy.  Where did the summer go?  The start of school is another one of those demarcation points, reminding us of the rapid passing of the days.

Have a good week.



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