Cooler for Fair Week

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

After the Sunday night and Monday rain, the days are now cooler… by about 20 degrees!  It got down to 59ºF (15C) last night– John says folks were wearing jackets and sweaters around the fairgrounds!  It certainly is a relief from the 90s  and high humidity of last week.  But the forecast is for increasing temps each day during the week, getting back to 90 by the weekend.  Oh, well… we will enjoy it while it lasts.

I have enjoyed being out a bit with the bush hog for a couple days.  Got lots more to do, but it feels good to get started on roadsides and levees.

Working along Hwy 550 at the edge of Wheatland. That’s our church, Wheatland Christian, there on the left.

At the Steen farm, a ‘before’ view.

… and here’s the ‘after’ view. Sure makes me feel good to clean up the roadside appearance.

While out with the JD 7130 tractor and bush hog, I can get a glimpse of some of  the fields.

Some of the July-planted soybeans at Grubb.

One of the earlier, May-planted fields at the Pond farm.

With the Knox County Fair going on this week, it is customary to expect hot weather, and some rain.   Well, we got the rain yesterday, and the heat is returning through the week.  Pig judging is happening this morning, with the goat show this evening.  Cattle judging will occur tomorrow morning.  Hope to take in some of those events.

We are applying some fungicide to some corn, and John will resume his spraying soybean herbicides next week.  Brandon is out on the Gator spraying some ditch banks, and field edges.  There’s always something that needs to be done.

We have neighbors who are still planting or replanting soybeans.  I saw some V2 corn yesterday–about 6″ tall.  I appreciate their optimism.  We will pray for a late frost.  And we know that #harvest19 will extend far into November.  We won’t finish in the sunny days of October this year!   We also know that the growing conditions are in the control of Someone far wiser that we are.  We will trust Him.

Have a good week.



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